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Cute cutsew tutorial ^^
mintxkitten wrote in lolita_me
Hi everyone. I was looking around online last night and found this awesome tutorial on how to make a super cute cutsew out of two old tshirts (maybe ones you don't wear anymore/are too big for you, etc.) and decided to try it. Here's how mine came out:

It's pink with lavender underneath in case you can't tell.

Close-up of the "bows."

I added this on because my tshirt didn't have a logo or anything on it and I wanted it to look very hime.

I bought the shirts at Goodwill and they only cost me $5. I tried to do elastic puff sleeves, but alas, I am not an expert seamstress XD. But, point is, the elastic only cost me $0.78 for two yards. So this could be a very thrifty way to make your own cutsew if you can't afford brand (or fit into it, like moi). If any of you want to try it, here is the link to the tutorial:
Good luck!

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I suck at sewing... but I HAVE to try this. :O

Haha that's what I thought too. I'm okay at sewing but definitely not a professional. I'm glad you like the idea though ^^

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